Friday, September 4, 2009

No More Stump!

I was changing Nate's diaper at four this morning when I did a double take - his umbilical cord finally fell off! I couldn't find it at first, but eventually located it in his onesie as he was nursing. It's funny, as unsightly as the shriveled black stump was, it makes me a little sad that the last tangible evidence of our physical connection is gone. His pudgy tummy is incredibly adorable though, so I know I'll get over it.

Nate is such a good baby. He'll be alert, calm and content for hours at a time. This afternoon he did quite a good job at holding his little head up while he laid on his stomach. He also showed a lot of new interest in his book - especially the crinkly noises and the rattle. He's ridiculously cute. Especially when he shows his sophistication by dining with his pinky extended.
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