Friday, October 9, 2009

Time Flies

My little babe is almost two months old! The days go by so quickly. The other day Nate ALMOST rolled over. He was doing his tummy time, reached for the book in front of him and fell on his side...where he got stuck. I was so excited, and I wanted to document it, but the camera - for once - was not by my side. So I debated the merits of running to get the camera versus the possibility that he would complete the roll, and I would miss it. Turns out, nothing to worry about, because he couldn't roll back on his tummy or complete the turn and flop on his back. He eventually got fussy until I moved him.

I think he might be starting teething, even though it's early. He likes to chomp on my finger and it's the cutest biting you've ever seen - cute since he is only biting down with his little gums. He's a little more drooly now too. I guess we shall see.

The cutest of the cute though is when Dave makes him smile and laugh. There is a face and accompanying noise that Dave makes that never fails to tickle Nate. It is absolutely adorable. We both can't wait until we get an actually belly laugh. But for now, the raspy little laugh he has is THE most beautiful sound to my ears.
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