Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Little Boy

Nate continues to be the happiest little boy I have ever seen. He bursts out laughing easily with one look from Daddy or a good tickle from me. The last two months have seen so many developmental changes. At 4 months, 10 ten days Nate rolled over from front to back for the first time. He became obsessed with his new trick, doing it everytime I put him on his stomach that day, night and following morning...but not once since! I don't know if the new mobility scared him, or what, but he enjoys tummy time much less now - often fussing and getting frustrated quickly. Poor Dave hasn't seen him roll over yet (unless you count the video I took). It looked like he was close to rolling over back to front today on his playmat, but no dice. He kept reaching for his mirror and getting sooooo close. (Incidentally, he was looking at the mirror in his crib when he rolled over from his tummy. I can't blame him if he wants to look at himself. He's quite the handsome little boy!)

Other new tricks include eating his feet, great hand-eye coordination manipulating his toys, sitting up well (supported) and eating cereal. Sucking on his toes has been a favorite past time for the past month or so. He especially likes it during diaper changes. He first tried the rice cereal a week ago. While it started out promising, he ended up in tears. I think it was ill-timed and he was too hungry for milk. The next day was much more successful. He only eats about 1 tbs of cereal twice a day, but it's a good start. We tried oatmeal today and it didn't go over too well. It may have been more about the timing than the grain though. We'll see tomorrow.

Many new FIRST holidays have passed - Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Thanksgiving was spent with Dave's family and Christmas with mine. We discovered that Nate is less "shy" than I originally thought and did quite well with all of the people over the holidays. He particularly enjoyed his (almost) 3 year old cousin Tristan. He loved looking at him, trying to touch him, and even the shrill shrieks directed at him. I can't wait to see them as they grow older.

Nate was in the 90-95% for height and weight and his last (4 month) appointment. So our "little" boy is quite big for his size. As big as he is, he is quite active and just started really taking advantage of the jumping aspect of the Jumperoo. It is fantastic to watch him bounce up and down and squeal. I suspect I will really have my hands full once he is mobile!
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