Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Plastics

Years ago, when my good friend VJ had a baby, she described nightmares full of evil plastic looming everywhere. I didn't really get it then, but boy do I now. I feel like everywhere I look in my home, there is another item that we use regularly that may be leaching toxic chemicals into our bodies. The ice cube trays, the pitcher, the steam in the microwave veggies, the cup I use in Nate's bath to wash his hair. So I was really excited to load up on some stuff from thesoftlanding.com. I haven't received my order yet, but am looking forward to silicone bowls for Nate's food, BPA & PVC free spoons and sippy cups and some new organic toys.

Oh the Prince calls from his crib. Was that nap really only 25 minutes long?!

Friday, February 12, 2010

You're Sitting!

Dear Nate,

Oh you. I feel like you have always had a personality, been a person - but even more so now. So many things to talk about. So many accomplishments! First off, let's start with the fact that you are six months old! Half a year! And just as everyone says - it goes by so quickly. I feel like I am savoring it as best I can. I spend lots of time every day playing with you, kissing you, talking to you, reading to you. And I take a billion pictures. What more can I do? Every day I thank god that you are here and try to enjoy you the best I can.

We've had a tough few weeks. You went from being a little angel sleeper to waking every hour. Tough. Very tough. But we developed a plan, including putting you to bed MUCH earlier, and have seen improvement. I went from feeling like a zombie-mental patient to feeling like a human again after three nights of decent sleep. But napping is still exceptionally hard. Why won't you nap more than thirty minutes, child? I had to stand, swaying, for well over an hour today so you would have a proper nap. You are a tough one to get to sleep.

Also, you get cuter every day. You look so much like your daddy. I absolutely love it. And I love watching you with your Daddy. You find him absolutely hilarious. He just makes a silly face and you are putty in his hands. I love hearing him make you laugh.

You've been eating solids for awhile now. Pears and sweet potatoes are your favorite. You make the most hilarious faces when you try a new food. Yet you keep eating it. Good for you, buddy. And your new accomplishment - sitting unsupported! Brand new, as of yesterday. I put you sitting up on your play mat and you giggled from the new perspective. Adorable.

You have been a rolling maniac. You can move quite a bit by rolling and scooting on your belly - especially when a good toy is within reach. You seem to do your best work when I am not looking. In fact, when you rolled from back to front for the first time, I missed it! I looked down and BAM you were on your belly all of a sudden.

In addition to enjoying your accomplishments, I have become very interested in keeping you safe. Well, of course that has always been an interest, but I am becoming aware of all of the toxins that are common in babies toys. BPA, PVC, pthalates. In addition to lead, chlorine and other chemicals. So while you (finally) sleep, I research all the odds and ends that go into your mouth. I had to throw a number of toys away because they had lead, arsenic or bromine in them. Minimal, but I'm not watching you suck on lead. Some great websites I found: safemama, zrecommends, non-toxic kids, and healthy stuff - all .coms I think.

Meanwhile you sleep through rhinoceroses stampeding upstairs. Oh, our neighbors.

Love you, Mommy
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