Friday, February 12, 2010

You're Sitting!

Dear Nate,

Oh you. I feel like you have always had a personality, been a person - but even more so now. So many things to talk about. So many accomplishments! First off, let's start with the fact that you are six months old! Half a year! And just as everyone says - it goes by so quickly. I feel like I am savoring it as best I can. I spend lots of time every day playing with you, kissing you, talking to you, reading to you. And I take a billion pictures. What more can I do? Every day I thank god that you are here and try to enjoy you the best I can.

We've had a tough few weeks. You went from being a little angel sleeper to waking every hour. Tough. Very tough. But we developed a plan, including putting you to bed MUCH earlier, and have seen improvement. I went from feeling like a zombie-mental patient to feeling like a human again after three nights of decent sleep. But napping is still exceptionally hard. Why won't you nap more than thirty minutes, child? I had to stand, swaying, for well over an hour today so you would have a proper nap. You are a tough one to get to sleep.

Also, you get cuter every day. You look so much like your daddy. I absolutely love it. And I love watching you with your Daddy. You find him absolutely hilarious. He just makes a silly face and you are putty in his hands. I love hearing him make you laugh.

You've been eating solids for awhile now. Pears and sweet potatoes are your favorite. You make the most hilarious faces when you try a new food. Yet you keep eating it. Good for you, buddy. And your new accomplishment - sitting unsupported! Brand new, as of yesterday. I put you sitting up on your play mat and you giggled from the new perspective. Adorable.

You have been a rolling maniac. You can move quite a bit by rolling and scooting on your belly - especially when a good toy is within reach. You seem to do your best work when I am not looking. In fact, when you rolled from back to front for the first time, I missed it! I looked down and BAM you were on your belly all of a sudden.

In addition to enjoying your accomplishments, I have become very interested in keeping you safe. Well, of course that has always been an interest, but I am becoming aware of all of the toxins that are common in babies toys. BPA, PVC, pthalates. In addition to lead, chlorine and other chemicals. So while you (finally) sleep, I research all the odds and ends that go into your mouth. I had to throw a number of toys away because they had lead, arsenic or bromine in them. Minimal, but I'm not watching you suck on lead. Some great websites I found: safemama, zrecommends, non-toxic kids, and healthy stuff - all .coms I think.

Meanwhile you sleep through rhinoceroses stampeding upstairs. Oh, our neighbors.

Love you, Mommy
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