Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Newborn Supply List

I  have some close girlfriends that are expecting for the first time. Everyone fancies themselves an expert once they've had a baby. So with my girlfriends in mind, here is my non-expert "expert" opinion of some random things that are good to already have on hand once you come home from the hospital:

For Baby
  • gauze and A&D ointment (for circumsized boys, but can be used for diaper cream if you have a girl!)
  • cotton balls & rubbing alcohol (to clean the umbilical cord stump)
  • thermometer and appropriate lube (my rectal thermometer says only to use a water based lube)
  • small multi use pads, like the smaller version of these Babies R Us multi-use pads (I used them to line the changing pad cover because Nate liked to have a fecal explosion everyday for the first 4 months)
  • different types of BPA FREE pacifiers (babies will take to one kind but not another) -  this one has always intrigued me, but I never tried it. Nate never actually took to any really well.
  • laundry hamper (you won't believe the amount of laundry you will go through)
  • 2 covers for your changing pad, so you'll always have a clean one
  • baby nail scissors (their little fingernails are like razors, and I could never use the clippers without cutting Nate's skin)
  • mitts (to cover above mentioned Freddy Kruger hands)
  • dry wipes (this is more optional - I got used to them in the hospital and when you first get home the baby seems too pure to use real baby wipes on  - you just wet the wipes with water)
  • lots of soft washclothes (good for so many things: drying their butt after you wipe them, covering the penis so you don't get peed on, cleaning up spit up, sponge baths)
  • soap (I orginally used the Johnson & Johnson's, but would now advise against that. Nate had mild eczema and our pediatrician said J&J actually makes babies prone to eczema. We switched to Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, which I absolutely love, but it's expensive. All traces of the eczema are gone. Our Dr. recommended plain white Dove or Ivory bar soap.)

For Mom

Bigger Things/For the Home
  • bouncy seat AND swing (I thought I wouldn't need both in our small home, but I did. They are life savers when you have tried everything and you just want the baby to SLEEP!)
  • rechargeable batteries (you will spend hundreds of dollars on C & D batteries if you don't go rechargeable - totally worth the investment)
  • diaper pail (I really like my Diaper Genie II Elite Pail System)
  • thick blanket for tummy time on the floor
  • Natural Hand Sanitizer (I was a huge germaphope in the beginning, and it's easier to have a bottle of sanitizer in every room than to make everyone keep washing their hands. But I've read that there are some dangers with certain sanitizer ingredients. I really like BabyGanics Alchohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer, and  Cleanwell Natural Hand Sanitzer has received good reviews.
  • Stain remover (I wish I could recommend a less toxic option, but I use Zout, which works really well on poop and baby food. Unfortunately, I found BabyGanics Stain, Stain, Go Away Stain & Odor Remover to be a waste of time & money.)
  • Fragrance free laundry detergent (I like Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent) 
  • Baby carrier (I'm a big fan of babywearing and all of the benefits that come with it. Whether you plan to "wear" your baby or not, I think most moms find themselves holding the baby a ton in the beginning, and it's really great to have free hands to get things done around the house...or maybe even feed/take care of yourself (!).  I know a lot of people like the baby slings, but if you get one, you have to be very careful because there have been infant deaths associated with the use of slings. I liked my standard BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier , but I always wanted the Ergo Baby Carrier , which is supposed to be so comfortable on the back and even comes in an organic option. I also liked my Moby Wrap , but it's not for everyone. You have a lot of options for positions, but it can be complicated learning how to wrap it properly. Also might be too much fabric for a mom of shorter stature.
  • mobile (I bought two fancy ones, but Nate always loved the simple one that came with the pack n' play - just three boring bears and a wind up version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

Resources (I'm a big fan of books, but remember to take everything you read with a grain of salt - info can get outdated quickly, may not be right for your family, or can just be plain old stupid)

Everyone's different, but these are the things that really helped me out. Hey, expert parents - anything to add to the list?

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Jamie J. said...

What a great and helpful list. Thank you! I am 21 weeks pregnant and just getting to the point of thinking about all the gear and stuff we'll need. How can a person so little need so much stuff!? But they all do, so thanks for narrowing it down to the most necessary items!

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