Thursday, June 17, 2010

Three Safer Sunscreens Tried: Episencial Sunny Sunscreen Wins

As part of my efforts to overhaul the products we use, I did a lot of research before buying the first sunscreen our baby would wear. I ended up purchasing three over the past couple of months: California Baby SPF 30 +, Burt's Bees Sunscreen SPF 30, and Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35. California Baby and Episencial scored well in the Environmental Working Group sunscreen guide, but Burt's Bees was rated a "4" putting it in the middle "caution" category.

At first California Baby seemed pretty thick, which I hear is normal for safer sunscreens. But I've gotten used to it, and I kind of like slathering the thick lotion on Nate, because it just feels like it will work. I've used about 3/4 of the tube and although we haven't been hanging out at the beach for hours, I think it works well. It has a bit of a metallic sheen too, which makes it easy to see where you have already applied it.

Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35 - 4 oz.For all of my research, Burt's Bees was more of an impulse buy and is definitely my least favorite due to the toothpaste consistency and super gross, dry feeling it leaves on your hands. I think I used it once. Episencial is my newest purchase, and so far I give it two thumbs up. You get more for your money and it goes on very smooth. It's far more liquidy than the California Baby and seems to protect just as well.
Oh, and I should also share that I got the Badger SPF 15 Sunblock Lip Balm. I thought it would go on more like chapstick, so I am extremely glad I happened to check the mirror before I took Nate out for a stroll. I looked like I had put white lipstick on. Super hot.

7/13/10 Update: After using almost the entire bottle of Episencial Sunny Suncreen, it is definitely my favorite as far as consistency, price and protection goes!

6/8/11 Update: Episencial is still my favorite, by far. Episencial, California Baby and Badger all made EWG's Best Beach & Sport Sunscreen list for 2011. I also discovered Badger SPF 15 Sunscreen Lip Balm Stick  doesn't leave you with white lips and goes on smoothly.

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Jamie S. said...

Thanks for the sunscreen ideas. I've been using the Burt's Bees 15 spf on myself (since I'm pregnant) and it works great, but your comments are right. Very thick and can leave a white flaky look (also superhot!) on your skin. And if you have a black swimsuit, forget it. I also think it smells like men's colgone, but that may just be my pregnant nose!

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