Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What We're Reading: Pajama Time!

Pajama Time!Move over Miss Spider. Nate has a new bedtime favorite: Sandra Boynton's Pajama Time! Boynton's books are quick, silly and full of animals, which is why they have become a favorite in our home. Pajama Time! isn't even one of the best in my opinion, but Nate seems to really like the Dr. Seuss-ish rhythm ("some are pink, some are green, some are the ugliest you've ever seen") and my accompanying OINK whenever a pig pops up (which is often). Nate also really enjoys  Night-Night, Little Pookie, which is only pigs, pretty cute and certainly bedtime appropriate. My Boynton pick would have to go to Blue Hat, Green Hat, as I get to make a fantastic gobble gobble noise (that crazy turkey keeps putting his clothes on all wrong!) on every page, which always makes Nate laugh.  And that is a priceless sound.

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Anonymous said...

hi ajl my favorite book is pajama time.
my girls love it.your blog is so wonderful.i could sit for hours,well can't really i have 2 girls .2months and 3 years old.I really am into natural healthy foods for my kids.
Thanks too on the info about BPA. I never knew much about it .Really I never knew about it. My girls don't do pacifiers. I'm always on the lookout now for everything and anything containing BPH.
As a young mother I thank you for all your info. I will continue to check out your blog.
Ohhh by the way your son is so darn cute.Hi Nate
check in soon thanks

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