Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Signing Tip: It's Not Too Late to Start!

Did you know that it's not too late to start signing with your baby or toddler?  Although you can start as early as four months, older babies and toddlers can reap the benefits of using sign language too. In fact, the older they are, the quicker they will pick it up.

Think it's too time consuming? Guess what - you're probably already using sign language with your baby.  You've taught them how to wave hello & goodbye right? Well that's using your hands to send a message. And it's that easy. To start signing,  just incorporate a few signs into your everyday conversations. MILK (squeeze hand like milking a cow) and ALL DONE (hold hands up, palms facing you and then turn your hands out showing your palms to your baby) are great signs to start with!
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