Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Boy Needs a Ball: Crocodile Creek Moo Ball

We're still having a rough time over here. I think Nate's cold peaked a couple of days ago and we are on the recovery side of that slope, but he's having a rough time with those ears. He's grumpy and needy and I have spent the day holding him, cuddling him and trying to cheer him up while he simultaneously (and angrily) bites my shoulders and smears snot on my shirt. Sigh. As a result, my brain is mush. So I thought I would share a video from a few months ago. I have no explanation for the strange silence. Did I not speak to Nate before seven months of age?

The ball he is playing with is what we call Moo Ball from Crocodile Creek. I got mine from The Soft Landing, which guarantees it is free of BPA, pthalates, pvc and melamine. Melamine? I don't know that one yet. Looks like I have to do some research.

Nate loved this ball from the very beginning. And because it's safe, I don't have to worry when he does this:
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