Thursday, July 15, 2010

Love Letter to Silicone: Kinderville Bowls

Kinderville Little Bites Stackable Bowls Set of 4When I first learned about BPA and realized it was important to limit Nate's exposure to the pervasive toxin often used in plastics, the first things I thought about were his food and dishes. When you're trying to avoid the yucky toxic chemicals often found in dishes the safest bets seem to be glass and wood. There's nothing wrong with those choices, but I wanted another option - preferably a material that is easy to clean.  That's when I read about food safe silicone.

Kinder-ville uses silicone to make microwave and freezer safe dishes for babies and kids. The material is free of BPA, phthalates and lead and is bacteria resistant (unlike plastic and wood). When Nate was about six months old I decided to try out Kinderville Little Bites Stackable Bowls  to dish up his pureed fruits and veggies. Those bowls remain one of my favorite purchases so far! Baby food GLIDES off of them with just a quick rinse. They are the world's easiest dishes to clean. I feel completely at ease using them, since nothing toxic will be seeping into the sweet potatoes if I decide to heat them in the microwave. They're also incredibly durable. I only bought the set of four, so I use at least one bowl every day. They still look brand new.

I definitely want to get some of their other products. Next on my list are the Storage Jars to store left overs. And how fun are these Ice Pop Molds  to make your own popsicles in the summer?

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