Friday, July 23, 2010

Safer Alternative to the Classic Rubber Ducky: Boon Odd Ducks

Odd Ducks JaneEvery kid needs a rubber ducky for the bath. But there are two problems with the classic rubber duck: (1) most have holes in the bottom and (2) most are made of pvc.

What's wrong with a little hole, you ask? Well the hole allows water into the duck. But the problem is, even if you squish out all the water, the inside is not going to get dry. It becomes a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. My mom told me she squished some water out of my nephew's duck and BLACK stuff came spurting out. Gross.

What's wrong with PVC? I'll let someone who really knows what they're talking about tell you here at thesoftlanding blog.

So in our search for a better alternative we found Boon Odd Ducks. They're a collection of funny shaped, colorful ducks and Nate absolutely loves the two he has - Squish & Jane. Nate plays with them every night and often wants to bring one from the bath to his bedroom. And most importantly they are PVC free!

Boon Inc Bath Toy Combo Pack Splat and Water BugsWe love Boon. In fact our entire bath toy collection is Boon. We also have Splat and Water Bugs. Splat is a a floating target with rings and Water Bugs is a set of three bugs with a net.  Nate like to suck on them, throw them overboard and put them in his Sassy Soft Touch Rinse Cup . Can I get through one toy post without talking about Sassy?!

And another great thing - all of these toys can double as pool toys.  You'd be surprised at how challenging it is to get the ring on the target in the vast waters of a kiddie pool - fun for the whole family. Which is much better than fun for the Hole Family, whoever they are:


Anonymous said...


This is a great blog! Easy to read, well laid out, important topics. Great job!


Paul said...

Excellent job nailing down a niche', and doing it with something that actually means something to you. You've got a very conversational tone, (something I really need to work on), and a lot of enthusiasm. On top of that, it's very beneficial and informative. Well done.

Mary Sayler said...

Amber, thanks for the rubber ducky update. I'd lost touch with toys since my kids are grown, but I've been looking for safe, fun bath toys for my young live-in grand. Oh, cool! I just saw you have parenting info on eczema and other grand concerns too.

Unknown said...

Hi Amber, finding safe bath toys can be a total challenge. I had to make a bunch of phone calls after I couldn't find anything labeled 'BPA free' in our local Babies R Us bath section. I came up with a reference list for future shopping trips.

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