Monday, July 5, 2010

Safer Polish Pedicure: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

I'm trying to detox my beauty routine a bit and I thought a good place to start was with my nail polish. While a couple of friends took issue with my proclamation that I had mom hair, I don't think anyone would argue that as of this morning I had some mom toenails and really needed a pedicure.

Complete Salon Manicure Nail PolishI saw that a number of nail polishes at Target were Toluene, DBP & Formaldehyde free (some by Sally Hansen, Nicole by OPI) so I picked up Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish by Sally Hansen. I don't know what Toluene is, but DBP are phthalates, which are all kinds of bad (I'm no expert, so read more at safemama). And when I think formaldehyde, I think dead fetal pigs in jars, so I don't want that on my toes.

I took my bottle to the salon and had two coats put on - no base or top coat as per the instructions. It looks very smooth & pretty (the color I chose was Choco-latte), but I have to be honest - after a couple of hours the shiny wet "new toe" look that I love is already fading. I have a feeling that by tomorrow it will look pretty dull. I hope it doesn't take fetal pig juice to make my toes shiny.

I'll be sure to post an update in the comments regarding the luster and chipping, so keep an eye out if you're interested!

7/7/10 Update: 48 hours later - zero chips and same amount of shine. I think we have a winner. I might get the clear next time and have it used as top coat to maximize shine. I would definitely use this brand again.

7/10/10 Update: Uh-oh, we have a chip!


Dr. Alfaro said...

Thanks for the tip! There is toluene in the handle of my hairbrush that I used to have to PRY from Ivy's hands. She's brilliant (I'm biased), seriously, and hasn't grown a third arm yet, so hopefully I kept the damage minimal. I'll be looking for some of that nail polish!

Anonymous said...

I think the top coat is likely the key. And I'm glad to hear that there are affordable nail polishes that aren't likely to kill us available at Target and other big box stores. I've used more expensive products found at health food stores in the past, and will gladly make this switch! Thanks.

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