Monday, July 12, 2010

The Sleep Gods Are Against Us

Dear Nate,

You're eleven months old! And you have had a rough week, my sweet boy. First we start sleep training you with Ferber, then after two hard nights and some success you get the Coxsackie Virus. Blisters in your little throat! And just as you recover from that and we resume the Ferberization, WHAM, you get my cold (which after about a week and a half I thought you had escaped). Oh and you're teething. You are literally a snot nosed kid and an ankle biter. Well, today it was my foot, not my ankle. How dare I block your passage with my foot!

You've added some new tricks to your arsenal of cuteness. You now speed crawl and zoom with the speed of light to every single thing you should not be touching. Lights, fans, cords and dog toys all get your extra attention. You love exploring and I wish we had more free space for you. We'll have to work on that. You've been pulling yourself up for some time and you seem to be working on your "look, ma, no hands" standing routine.

You continue to learn new ASL signs. In addition to MORE, FAN, HAT & WASHING MACHINE, you have added GORILLA (that's my boy!) and DOG. You approximate both by slapping your chest. It's left up to us to use context clues to figure out which animal you mean. It could easily be either since you love to talk about our dog Ava and the various dogs in books. But you also have pictures of gorillas on your bedroom wall that you say goodnight to every night and a stuffed Gorilla which is quickly becoming a favorite. Both gifts from great aunties, by the way.

Even though you've been sick and grumpier than normal, you continue to be a happy, laughy little boy. Your father and I see you leaving infancy and entering toddlerhood right before our eyes. It is exciting and a little intimidating. I can see from your crawling that I've had it easy up until now. Once you start walking I will never be able to sit down!

If and when you read this as an older boy/teenager/adult, I want you to know that you once tried to get me to show you my penis. Just the other night you were in the bath playing with yours (oh you boys!) when you pointed at me. I knew what you wanted because we play a similar game with belly buttons. You point at yours and then point at me and I show you my belly button. You love this game. Unfortunately I couldn't play this new game of yours. But you seem disappointed only for a few seconds until you moved on to putting your rubber duck into your bath cup. Good times.

I love you more than tongue can tell.
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