Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What We're Reading: Silly Dogs

Silly DogsNate is in full out dog obsession right now. And he also really enjoys interactive books with things to touch and tabs to pull. So I borrowed Silly Dogs by Gandee Vasan from the library and it is a HUGE hit. It's a small book with only five pages, but Nate could look at Little Stretch (who "loves to play fetch") all day long. He lifts the tab up and signs DOG by hitting his chest. So precious. It's so funny, sometimes you just never can guess what books they'll love. I don't think I would have bought this in the store if I happened upon it.

DogThe book I did purchase when I happened upon it in the store was another Matthew Van Fleet book. Dog is just as great as Tails. Lots of fun to read, lots of dogs to "pet" and even a dog that lifts his leg to pee (with the help of a sturdy pull tab). Gotta love that!

"Bark dog,
Howl dog,
Sniff the tree,
All dogs poop,
All dogs pee"

Mercifully, there is no pile pictured under the "all dogs poop" golden retriever puppy. Although, on second thought, it does seem like a rather unfortunate missed opportunity for another one of Van Fleet's scratch and sniff stickers.

PS Check out other blog posts about reading to children here at BecomingSarah.com. She's also hosting a great book giveaway!

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Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

That first book looks pretty funny. Our neighbor has a dog like that. We call it the alien pup.

At any rate, that's completely unrelated. More related: YAY FOR READING!!

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