Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Sign of the Week: BOOK

I've been using sign language with Nate since he was four months old (which is NOT necessary for teaching your baby sign language. You can start much later - see here.) Nate started signing back to us when he was about nine and half months old, but lately things have really taken off. 

Now that he's older he learns signs much faster. It seems like he's picking up new signs (and words) constantly. He now uses twenty signs regularly! I love love love being able to have simple conversations with him. It's wonderful to have him tell me he's hungry, instead of realizing he's hungry only after a temper tantrum or other sign of crankiness. Less wonderful to have him request to visit the vacuum cleaner and washing machine every twenty minutes...

A lot Nate's signs are starting to look alike. Nate's just started signing BOOK, which looks a lot like his version of ALLIGATOR (and that looks an awful lot like one or two claps). You can view the correct ASL sign for BOOK here. I use the sign for BOOK to mean both "book" and "read." Here's Nate's version of BOOK (and BIRD):


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