Monday, August 16, 2010

Eat, Play, Love

Dear Nathaniel,

You're twelve months old! ONE YEAR! I thought that I would be a bit sad with you leaving your itty bitty babyhood behind. But I'm not. I'm just excited for all of the fun that is ahead. You have the best smile and your dad and I live to make you laugh. I can already tell that you are an awesome human being. We are very lucky indeed. Your dad and I literally say at least ten times a day, "look how adorable he is now!" or some variation on that theme.

Well, it looks like you're a picky eater. No surprise there, considering who your parents are. Your diet consists mainly of avocados, sweet potatoes, beans, cheese and bread. You'll eat other fruit and veggies and an occasional pasta dish when it suits you, but you'll always eat those five things. And to wash them down? Water. You love your water. And the things you don't like to eat? Well, they promptly get thrown overboard. Ava (our dog) appreciates this. A lot. 

You've received a ton of new toys and books for your birthday, but you'd much rather play with one of the remote controls or our dirty shoes. You'll play by yourself on occasion, sometimes fitting nesting cups together or looking through a book. You've had a bout of clinginess with your most recent round of teething, so you've been less apt to play on your own. Your favorite games involve pulling lots of objects out of containers and throwing them on the floor. So a basket of freshly cleaned laundry can really keep you busy. I've noticed that when you feel well and are well rested you are much more likely to spend some alone time entertaining yourself. I love playing with you, but I do relish those breaks.

You LOVE exploring...or really, more accurately - you love going where you aren't supposed to go. If there is an off-limits zone, that is the first place on your itinerary. You also enjoy taking a wooden post from one of your stacking toys (or your wooden hammer) with you on these excursions. Other loves include dogs, birds, the vacuum, washing machine, hats and of course - Mommy & Daddy. And we love you, buddy. More than tongue can tell.

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