Friday, August 27, 2010

First Words

Mama, Dada, Hi, Dog, Cat - these are all normal first words for a baby to speak, right? Well Nate has added to his first word "Dada" and now also says dog and duck regularly. (Although they are sometimes hard to distinguish between. Must use context clues!) He's also said cat and down a few times. All pretty typical. But his other regular words? Ironing. And iron. Who says "ironing" as one of their first words?! Nathaniel, that's who.

His fascination with the iron, washing machine and vacuum have left us wondering whether he'll have a future in some sort of cleaning business. A dry cleaner's perhaps? A laundromat? Maybe one of those companies that go in and clean up after those crazy hoarder people that are so en vogue nowadays. The sky is the limit, kid.

Smart and Trendy MomsHappy Friday. Have a great weekend!
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