Friday, August 6, 2010

How to Toilet Train Your Baby Before Twelve Months of Age

Nate pooped on the potty (the real adult potty) for the first time last night! And he's not even twelve months old yet. The transition from diapers to toilet was easy. You can do it too - just follow these few simple steps:

1. Give your baby a big dinner of sweet potatoes, bread and avocado.

2. Watch your baby's face turn red as he grunts and grunts, unsuccessfully trying to poop while still in the highchair.

3. Give your baby a bath shortly after the grunting episode at dinner.

4. Begin bathing your baby. Watch as your baby starts grunting and pushing in the bathtub.

5. Lift your baby out of the bath and check his bottom to see if the "coast is clear."

6. Start to panic when "the coast" is most certainly NOT clear. Decide in the half a second you have to sit your dripping wet (and confused) baby on the toilet.

7. Watch as your baby poops in the toilet like a pro!

See? Easy.
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