Monday, August 2, 2010

Think Baby Gates are Safe? Think Again.

When I woke up this morning my body was all stiff and sore. It took me a few minutes to remember my incident from the night before. I was attacked by a baby gate.

I should back up and explain that we haven't managed to do much baby proofing. At first I thought I would just watch Nate very carefully. Well big mistake, because that little maniac is all over the place now that he can speed crawl. You put him in the center of any room and in two seconds he is exactly where he shouldn't be - reaching for the television, pulling on the blinds on the front door, pawing at the dog's rawhide. We did manage to get rid of our sharp cornered wooden coffee table and replace it with one of those leather storage ottomans. But we still have a lot of work ahead of us, especially if we want to be able to ...oh, I don't know...BLINK.

There are fewer problem areas in his bedroom so we often put up a baby gate in his doorway and play in there to minimize the possible damage. It's the kind that has a lever in the handle so you can take it in and out of the doorway. The gate was up last night as Nate played in his pack n' play and I finished up some laundry.  I carried the basket of laundry from the dryer to Nate's room, so that I could fold it in there.  That's when the evil thing attacked me. Since my hands were full, I swung one of my surprisingly short legs (I'm 5'6", but only get like twelve of those inches from my legs) over the gate, instead of moving it. I stepped right onto a round stacking bucket mid straddle, causing that leg to slip. I came crashing down with my laundry while dislodging the gate from the doorway with my lady parts. Yes, I completely took down the baby gate with my crotch.

Thank goodness for bags of frozen peas.
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