Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What We're Reading: Munchkin Traveling Flash Cards

Munchkin Traveling Flash CardsEvery Tuesday I like to feature a book that Nate loves. Technically, Munchkin Traveling Flash Cards are not a book, but Nate spends so much time "reading" them, I would be remiss if I didn't devote an entire post to them. 

They are a set of 42 colorful cards featuring the alphabet, numbers, shapes, pictures and words in both English and Spanish. Unfortunately, I cannot find much information regarding their safety or toxicity. The cards are attached to a thick "easy to grip" handle that I suspect may contain phthalate-free PVC.  (The amazon.com listing says: This product does not contain PVC with Phthalates.)

Nate borrowed them when he saw them at his best friend's house and refused to part with them. Now that borrowing has turned to full petit larcency. They have occupied Nate for such long periods of time in the car on so many different occasions, there is no way we are returning them to their rightful owners.

Since Nate still has a rear facing car seat he has to amuse himself on our car rides. The flash cards stay in the car and are our go-to book for most rides. Nate spends hours (okay, not hours - but many, many minutes) turning the pages again and again to look at all of the pictures. I highly recommend them for long car trips. They are for children 6 months and up, and Nate has been interested in them for at least ages 9 months to now (almost 12 months). I don't know how long they will remain a favorite, but I am hopeful since a two year old at the pediatrician's tried to run off with them too. I didn't let that happen, but I guess that would have been karma, wouldn't it?
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