Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby Sign of the Week: PIG

One of the reasons I enjoy the animal signs so much is that they often play off of the physical characteristics of the animal and therefore are easy to remember. Except for PIG. Here is the ASL sign for PIG. You put your hand flat underneath your chin and bend at the knuckles. What on earth does that have to do with pigs?! Nothing. I refuse to incorporate it into our baby sign language repertoire. And of course pigs are everywhere, in books, songs, a farm we went to recently - so last week I decided I would make up my own sign. I went with the classic pig nose. You know, just take your finger and push your nose up. And of course I can't make a pig nose without an accompanying snort.

Nate of course has his own version. When he wants to sign PIG he sniffs his finger. By special request, I give you Nate's baby sign for PIG (with a bonus PLEASE thrown in):

This sign is especially important when we're reading Night-Night, Little Pookie at bedtime!

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