Friday, September 17, 2010

My Underwear is Wet and I Probably Have Fleas

It's been one of those days. You know, where your son wakes up at 4:45 am and is ready to start his day. FOUR FORTY FIVE in the MORNING! "Hey mom, how 'bout some pancakes?! And how about you let me practice my walking now. And let's play with my car. And let's read a book while we're at it too!"

By mid-morning I'm still crossing my fingers that he will take a decent nap. We have been doing really well with ninety minute morning naps lately until this past week (where we've been back to thirty or forty minute naps.) Ugh. I've been thinking I just need to keep him up longer in the morning, push that nap back and maybe he'll sleep longer. Yeah, no such luck. I got a forty minute break.

So since it is still before ten in the morning and we have the whole day ahead of us, I think I will try to take advantage of it and plan something different and fun. I go online to check out the hours and directions to our local children's museum, pack our lunches and head out the door. Now that Nate is walking more and more (sometimes ten to twelve steps at a clip), I thought it would be a great place to practice. They also have an open play area which I was really looking forward to trying out, since we weren't able to take advantage of it last time (the only time) we were there.  I decid I should probably buy a membership so that I could take him once a week a save a ton of money.

So off we go. It should be a fifteen to twenty minute ride. Unless the driver has her head up her...well, so I miss the turn onto the highway and end up making a gigantic stupid loop for no good reason. When I finally get back on track and into the vicinity of the museum I realize that the Google Maps directions are garbage and end up driving around the community college campus for an eternity. I finally, totally accidentally, find my way there...about forty-five minutes after leaving our home. Nate is not pleased. I keep telling him, "Sorry Mama's an idiot and got lost, but it will absolutely be worth it! It will be so much fun, you'll see!"

I turn into the parking lot to see this (insert expletive starting with F) sign: MUSEUM CLOSED. ARGH!  Apparently when I was checking hours on the website I did not scroll down far enough to see that for this one random week in September the museum is closed for "cleaning." Great. I bet the staff is in there doing weird things with the bubbles.

So with no other ideas, and desperately wanting to get out of the car and play, I bring him to this giant park in the area, with multiple fields and playgrounds. We get out and it is overcast and windy and of course I didn't bring our sweatshirts because "we'll be indoors!"  We putter around the playground for awhile, but it stormed last night and Nate keeps trying to crawl around in the wet tree gunk. This isn't working. We try the swings, but Nate can't be trapped like that now that he is in turbo-explore mode.

aden + anais Muslin Wraps 4-Pack - Zoo AnimalsBut hope is not lost! We can still have a lovely little picnic lunch. At least I know I'll enjoy the company. Just a matter of finding a decent spot. So I pick an area in front of the tennis courts, since Nate is now obsessed with balls. Aren't they all? I set down our blanket (Aden & Anais - do you have them? They are such fantastic all purpose blankets.) and start unloading. And then I see them. Tiny, hopping little bugs all over our blanket. What are they?! Fleas. I'm pretty sure they are fleas. Great, now we have fleas. Let's make sure to bring these home to the dog.

Okay, regroup. "Let's set up camp somewhere else, Nate." So we search and search for a good spot while Nate insists on pushing the stroller while I hold him. So I just give up and set up camp near an outing for mentally challenged people. Is that the right term?  And we enjoy our lunch on the ground on our flea-bitten blanket. I take a call from my good friend with whom I haven't spoken to in awhile and think that maybe the day will turn around.

And as I'm talking to my friend and Nate is playing, I realize that my butt is wet. No, soaked. My butt is completely soaked and even my underwear is wet. I had set up our picnic on soaking wet ground. Well, at least on my side. Nate's side was dry. Or his butt was so much lighter. In any event, Nate's pants weren't wet. So this day just completely sucks and clearly something else horrible is going to happen.

So remember the group outing I just mentioned? Now please understand that I have worked with developmentally disabled/challenged people both in my time as an employee at a daycare and while working for the New York City government (that last part was a joke...sort of ). So I mean no disrespect when I say this...but I start to become convinced that one of the group members (who are intermittently yelling and screaming) is probably going to stab me. I know this is completely irrational. But did you see The Village? Adrien Brody really got to me.  We packed up and leave. I am not stabbed.

When we get home I put Nate down for his afternoon nap. He sleeps for twenty minutes.

Now, please excuse me while I counteract the five gallons of coffee I drank today with some wine. Have a good night.

*     *     *
BUY:  No, seriously, you should get some Aden & Anais blankets. I'm obsessed with them. You can buy them here at Amazon.

Oh! I almost forgot. September is National Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Awareness Month. Please go to my blogging buddy Jennifer's blog and check out her post on PCOS here. Did you know that PCOS affects one out of every ten women of childbearing age?!
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