Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Non-Toxic Straw Cups: Nuby & Munchkin

We have a lot of cups for Nate. So many in fact, that my mother-in-law (who was super sweet and washed dishes after Nate's birthday barbecue - what a lifesaver!) laughed at us.  My response: "But I need them all - for different reasons!" And it's true. Here's a breakdown of my favorite non-toxic drink ware for Nate:

This was our first straw cup. Our pediatrician recommended using straw cups over sippys when Nate was about seven months old. She said that sippys have been linked to speech impediments (something that my friend's pediatrician scoffed at). I'm not particularly worried about a speech impediment (flash forward to Nate lisping...) but I think the straw cups are so much easier. Once the baby gets used to sucking the straw, it's a piece of cake - no tilting required. This one is nice and small with handles for beginners. 

This is similar to the one above, but a good option for adventures into public. With no handles, it fits into the stroller cup holder. It can also hold more water for those long walks in the heat.

These were our first sippy cups. I had stopped using them when the straw cups took over our lives. But now that Nate is drinking (well, offered) cow's milk everyday they're back in the rotation. The weirdest thing happens with milk in the straw cups - it comes flowing out, with no end in sight. I don't know what the chemistry is behind this bizarre phenomenon, but I do know that it is annoying. Use the sippys - problem solved.

While I like the Nuby cups, they will occasionally leak - especially if you don't put the parts back together correctly after washing. These cups have less parts and aren't leaky, though a tiny bit might escape if your one year old violently tosses it to the floor and it lands on it's side during dinner.  The only drawback is the lack of a flip top cover. These are best used at home.

Munchkin Mighty Grip Flip Straw Cups 2-Pack, 10- Ounce (Colors Vary)
Ah - the best for last. These are non-leaky AND have a flip top lid, so you can close it up and stick it in the diaper bag. I'm not even kidding, I got complimented on ours today. A super stylish mom at the store passed us and said with genuine enthusiasm, "Oh that's fantastic - where did you get it!?" I was confused, since she obviously wasn't talking about my drugstore hair clip, Gap t-shirt or our basic black umbrella stroller. It was THE CUP sitting in the stroller cup holder. We moms are an odd bunch.

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