Sunday, September 19, 2010

Official Stumble Bunny; Blog Awards

Well, it's official...Nate is walking!  He started the weekend out taking a few steps here and there and by the end he was motoring around the living room, teetering and wobbling like a little drunk man. He was even walking around the park today. It was so much fun! I tried several times to upload a video showing off his new skills, but it just won't load. You'll just have to take my word for it.

In other exciting news, I received three awards from my fellow bloggers! It's such an honor to be recognized by your peers. I received the Beautiful Blog Award from Meaghan at BellOrel Baby; the One Lovely Blog Award from Kerry at Nesting with Niall; and a combo One Lovely Blog/Versatile Blogger Award from Miranda at The Barefoot Mommy. Thank you guys! I love these blogs and read them regularly. It's funny how you share triumphs and struggles with moms across the country (well, countries!) and even though you've never met them, you really start to care about them and their children. These are three beautiful mothers with blogs to match and I hope you check them out.

Each award comes with rules that I am going to ignore because I'm tired. (Nate's been a bit off all week and not sleeping well. We're just hoping it's the sort of sleep upset that comes with achieving developmental milestones -walking- and he's not getting sick. Of course, it could always be teething too.) So instead of answering questions and naming ten blogs for each award, I am going to give each award to one blogger that I think deserves some recognition. Here are three of my newest favorites and I hope you'll visit them:


Annette at Mommy Spirit

Looking for more fantastic blogs to read? Check out the recipients of The Cherry on Top Award.

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