Sunday, September 26, 2010

Three Baby Things I Want Next Time Around

When I was pregnant and started to register for my baby shower I was completely blown away by the amount of stuff that is out there. It can be really intimidating trying to decide what products you really need, what you should just borrow and what ones you shouldn't bother with at all.  I quizzed all my mommy friends and relatives and quickly realized that every one's situation is so different, there isn't one answer for "what do I really need?" 

Now that I've been a mom for over a year I know there are a few items that I definitely want next time around, whenever that will be. I didn't get them the first time around because I was trying to save space and money by only getting truly necessary items. Next time they are mine!

I really love the whole baby wearing thing, especially when you're out and a stroller isn't convenient. I used the standard Baby Bjorn that I borrowed from my sister and it served it's purpose well enough. But Nate was a heavy infant (8lb 13oz at birth) and was twenty pounds in no time. You tote a twenty pounder in the Bjorn for a few minutes and your back will start to kill you. I've heard wonderful things about the comfort of the Ergo. And they have a huge selection of colors in both the conventional and organic models. I have my heart set on the chocolate brown organic one next time.

I never thought I would need to see my baby as well as hear him. But I also never thought we would suffer with such terrible sleeping issues that we'd be using a sleep training method involving periods of crying it out. And I never thought that I would have a toddler who could puke for a living. It is very difficult to not become manipulated by the vomiting of your brilliant little one when you can't tell the difference between vomiting and gagging by sound alone. Plus, I would really like to peek in on him sleeping once in a while, just to see him laying there peacefully. Opening the door is not a possibility when you have the lightest sleeper on earth!

I knew I wanted to breastfeed exclusively (if I was able to do so) well before I ever became pregnant. I had heard that breast pumps weren't worth it unless you bought a really good (expensive) one. I figured that I would just pump manually if we needed a bottle. Have you ever tried to express milk on a regular basis by hand? Not fun. At all. I will spare you the sticky details but I am absolutely buying a pump next time.

*     *      *

So moms - what are your must haves? What kind of gear do you want next time around?  If you missed my must have list, you can find  "Five Must Haves For the First Year" here.
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