Monday, September 27, 2010

Vomit Haus

The cloud
I was talking to my dad on the phone this evening, recounting all of the recent vomiting stories in our home. Of course, there's Nate, who is a puke factory (don't worry - you can read more about that here!). And now there's our dog, Ava.

Ava has been vomiting all day long. The kind of vomit that sounds like water is gushing from a faucet. Or waterfall. At first I wasn't really concerned because I attributed it to her food. We had run out of her usual dog food - Iams - and they were out of our brand at our grocery store so we substituted with some other stuff that she's had before. Dog's stomachs can get all out of whack when you change their food suddenly. So when I heard her puking bright and early this morning while I was changing Nate's diaper I just figured it was the food and would resolve itself quickly. Well somewhere between the seventh river of vomit and the eleventh I realized that maybe it's more than the food.

So I was telling my dad about all the puke while I chased Nate around the house after dinner. He had more freedom to roam since Ava was locked up in the kitchen. Did I mention our entire home -except for kitchen and bathroom- has wall to wall carpet? Yeah. It's fantastic.  Especially when you leave to go to the grocery store and come back to find dog puke soaked into the carpet.

After Nate tired of exploring I picked him up to dance with him a bit when he started to cough a little. Then he threw up. And I'm holding him with one hand and holding the phone with the other. "Gottagohespuking!" I caught most of the vomit in my hand (score!) and just as I think the coast is clear he pukes again. This time all over my shirt.  Sigh.

We went into the bathroom to strip down out of all of our vomit covered garments when I heard Ava gagging in the kitchen. There was a river of vomit on the floor. A river! CALGON TAKE ME AWAY.

The silver lining
Due to all of the vomit clothes and vomit covered towels, I ran the washing machine while I gave Nate his bath. The washing machine is right outside the bathroom. And as you can read about here, Nate is obsessed with the washing machine. So as a result, I was treated to the most ridiculously cute toddler-happy-dance to the hum of the washing machine. Love that baby.

Um, is there any prize for saying the word "vomit" more than a hundred times in a blog post? And yes, I know, health professionals need to be called. And deep cleaning rug professionals.
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