Monday, September 6, 2010

Zombie (Re)Post: Non-toxic Toy for Toddlers - iPlay Nest and Stack Buckets

I originally posted this in July, before Nate's birthday. I had to post an update because Nate went from casual interest in this toy to obsession. He still loves to knock down the towers, but now he's trying to build them as well. He's been working on the shape sorter too. Earlier this week he finally got a block (the pentagon) through the top for the first time. It was quite exciting - for both of us!

BUY: You can find the Nest & Stack Buckets at Amazon here.

Nest and Stack BucketsNate's FIRST birthday is less than two weeks away, so I've been doing some toy research for the occasion. Nate loves to put small objects into bigger ones and bang things together, so I've had my eye on iPlay's Nest and Stack Buckets for awhile. I was so excited to find that they were included on a list (from The Soft Landing) of iPlay toys that are BPA, PVC and phthalate-free. I also checked them out on Good Guide where they scored a 10 for safety and were one of the highest overall scoring stacking toys. SOLD.

I ordered them with every intention of keeping the box sealed until his birthday. They were delivered and I lasted all of two hours before I broke them open. I have no will power. It seems that no matter how many toys we own, they get boring so fast! And we really haven't had many toy newcomers in awhile. So we needed some fresh (toy) blood.

I'm really happy with the collection. As the box says - it's like two toys in one. You can build a two foot tall tower from the nesting buckets AND you can turn the largest bucket into a shape sorter. Nate definitely likes the toy (his eyes lit up last time I brought it out), but I think it will be even better as he gets older. He's not up to the tower building stage or the shape sorter stage yet. Demolition though...he has that down. I build, he destroys. What a little boy. 

He also likes putting anything he can find into his new bucket. That's how I clean my floors now. I just sit Nate down with his bucket and goes to work picking up little bits of food and trash that have fallen on the ground. I'm working on a mop attachment to his diaper so he can really clean the kitchen floor.  It's never too early to begin chores, right?

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Happy Monday! Have a great week!

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