Friday, October 15, 2010

Baby sign of the week: RAIN

It's raining, it's pouring...well, it was yesterday. So it was a great opportunity to introduce a new sign to Nate: RAIN. He picked it up immediately. It's so cool when that happens. I loved showing him the sign for RAIN and talking to him about it, because I was able to incorporate a concept and sign that he is already very familiar with - water. I explained that rain was water falling from the sky and let him feel it on his hand. Since he is so curious about his world and always interested in the names for things, he seemed very excited to learn about rain. Here he is signing RAIN and HEAR:

Okay, busted. We also had Sesame Street on the television. You know - so I could leave him there after making the video while I got a massage and pedicure from my staff.

Here is an adult signing the ASL version of RAIN.  I was attempting to teach Nate the ASL version, but I remembered it incorrectly and only used one hand. So I guess we'll stick with that. Nate made up his own sign for HEAR by pointing to his ear. It is almost identical to the ASL version of HEAR, which is performed by tapping your ear twice.
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