Sunday, October 24, 2010

Safer toy alternative: Plan Toys Walk n Roll

One of my favorite classic children's toys has always been the Fisher-Price Corn Popper Push Toy. All toddlers love pushing it and hearing the popping sounds. It's inexpensive and fun. In fact, I bought it for my nephew a few years ago. But now that I'm aware of the dangers of toxic chemicals in our toys I try to avoid plastic as much as possible. And although Nate loves their toys, I'm also not a fan of Fisher Price (you can read why here) or their millions of toy recalls.

PlanToys Plan Preschool Walk N Roll, Push and PullSo, I've had my eye on Plan Toys Walk N Roll for awhile. I love Plan Toys for their non-toxic, brightly colored wooden toys and their eco-friendly practices. And Nate has loved every Plan Toys toy he has received. But I've been hesitant to buy it since it's at least $30 in most stores and that seems like a lot for one simple toy.

I finally pulled the trigger on buying it recently when I walked into my local giggle for the first time. As an aside, let me just say that I recently discovered giggle online. Walking into their actual store was like walking into my own personal heaven. Brands that I have to seek out online were sitting right in front of me to touch and hold and test out on Nate. And safer brands that I wasn't even aware existed were on the shelves as well. If I could create the perfect baby store, it would be giggle. In addition to all of their fantastic products and beautiful organic clothes they have free weekly events like baby yoga, lactation consultants, nutrititionists, baby signing, etc. I want to live there.

Anyway...I finally pulled the trigger after a giggle toy shopping spree and that "simple" wooden toy is worth EVERY PENNY. Nate loves it. He's not great at entertaining himself, so when he does play alone, those are some precious, precious moments.  This walk and roll toy is perfect for play alone time. Here's Nate this morning:

excuse the mess!

I wish I had purchased it sooner! Next on my Plan Toys list is one of the push and pull toys recommended by Liz at From Chalkboards to Strollers. Do you have any Plan Toys? What's your favorite?

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