Thursday, October 14, 2010

A whale of a waste: the bath spout cover that will remain nameless

Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover, Sky BlueNate has always loved baths. He went from loving them while laying like a little newborn lump to loving them while kicking so hard it looked like I took a bath too - fully clothed. Now he loves to stand and watch the bath water swirl around the drain and go "bye-bye." And his head is always about a millimeter from the big metal faucet. That thing is just begging to bite my baby's head and draw blood.

So I've been dying to get a spout cover. I was so excited when I found and purchased an adorable cover that was BPA, pvc and phthalate-free. But my excitement didn't last for long. It turned out to be a complete disappointment. I won't name any names, because I don't like to bash non-toxic friendly companies. I'm sure you can figure it out if you need the information for your bath spout cover expose.

What's wrong with it? Well, it just doesn't work. In order for a spout cover to work, it has to stay there and I don't know...cover the spout, right? Well the thing slips off after about three seconds. I tried about a billion times to get it to stay. I pulled the little fin to tighten it on one side. Then I tried the other, then I tried both...nothing worked. Boo. But it's really cute and I hate returning things (such a pain in person, but even more of an inconvenience since I bought it online), so I thought maybe it could just be a cute bath toy. Nope. Nate wants nothing to do with it. He literally just handed it right back to me with a "thanks, but no thanks!" Well, okay, he said it with his eyes.

So I need help! Any bath spout cover recommendations from you expert parents? I can't have the only child around here who keeps torturing their parents by playing so close to the spout.

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