Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Winterizing your baby

Last year around this time, when it started to get chilly, Nate was still a wee infant and I was still very new at this mommy thing. Here are some things I've learned about having a baby in cold weather...

JJ Cole Urban Infant Bundle Me - Stealth
Bundling Blankets
When it got cold I would pile layers of blankets onto Nate's while he was strapped into his infant car seat carrier. They would slip, slide and fall during transit from house to car and from car to destination (usually the doctor's office). My best bud saved the day by telling me about the Bundle Me. Once I knew about the sleeping bag-like lifesaver, I looked around and realized everyone with a baby had one. 

Car Seat Safety
The AAP's guide, Car Safety Seats: Information for Families for 2010,  stresses the importance of keeping harnesses snug against the baby for maximum protection. They offer the following advice:
Q: Can I adjust the straps when my baby is wearing thicker clothing, like in the winter?
A: Yes, but make sure the harnesses are still snug. Also remember to tighten the straps again after the thicker clothes are no longer needed. Dress your baby in thinner layers instead of a bulky coat or snowsuit, and tuck a blanket around your baby over the buckled harness straps if needed.

Grobag Egg Digital Room ThermometerDigital Room Thermometer
When you have a young baby, SIDS can linger in the back of your mind. One of the factors that can contribute to SIDS is overheating. So of course, I was always freaked out that Nate's room was too hot. We have old school radiators and the heat can be difficult to adjust. I really wish I had had one of these Digital Room Thermometers. It sure would have given me some peace of mind...but not more sleep, because that was just never going to happen!

Lavender Fleece Baby Sleep Sack Wearable Blanket, Adjustable Straps, One Size fits Baby 3-9 months-by Baby EmporioSleep Sacks/Wearable Blankets
While I was worried that Nate was too hot at night, I was also worried that he would be too cold. Nate was a large newborn and pretty active in his sleep, so he didn't stay swaddled for long. I initially made fun of these weird looking wearable blankets. But the sleep sacks were a lifesaver. They come in different thicknesses and you can choose between organic and conventional cotton too. My favorite were the Halo Innovations SleepSack Wearable Blankets in Cotton .

Aden & Anais Wraps
Aden & Anais Safari Friends Swaddle Wraps 4 PackI know I have mentioned the Aden & Anais blankets five thousand times (here's one), but I really do use them every day. They are great to drape over your baby to block wind, rain and snow without having to use any icky toxic plastic thing (please excuse the technical jargon).
What's your winter tip? Have a non-toxic lip balm you use to guard against chapped baby lips? A fantastic hat with flaps? Please share!

*     *     *
I keep forgetting to mention that last week Canada officially declared BPA a toxic chemical. Yay, Canada! Here's the Reuters article. A step in the right direction in the fight against the chemical industry.  You can read why my family avoids BPA here.

If you are looking for BPA free baby products visit my Non-Toxic Gift Guide.
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