Monday, October 18, 2010

Yeah, yeah, yeah - it changes everything...

You know when you're pregnant and everyone tells you how having that baby is going to change your entire life? They say stuff like, "Go out and enjoy life now, because nothing will EVER be the same again! It changes EVERYTHING." And you nod and smile, "oh, I know!" While you think: yeah, yeah, yeah - more responsibility - yadda, yadda. How different could it be? Why are you people trying to fill me with terror?

Well I don't think there is anyway to fully appreciate how it really does change everything until that little bundle of joy comes. Suddenly the center of my world changed from me to this other person. This tiny little thing. And suddenly everyone on the road is driving like a maniac. And everything in my home is toxic, leaching plastic. And I crave the comfort of my family living hours away. And I finally have the motivation to learn sign language. And eat organic! And I am more exhausted, more stressed out than I have been in my entire life. (And that's counting having to study and sit for the NYS Bar Exam - ugh!)

....But? But I'm also hands-down the happiest I've ever been. Seeing that little face, that little smile everyday is worth every missed hour (oh so many missed hours!) of sleep. And seeing the man I married pick up that little guy, throw him over his shoulder - turning smiles into peals of laughter - that is worth every crazy neurotic thought that passes through my head (and so many of those!).   So yeah, yeah, yeah. It does change everything.  And that's more than okay.

Nate's first trip on a train!

How has parenthood changed your life? Did you see it coming?

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