Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Allergy season ...in November?

Nate's been sick with a cold for about a week and a half. Caring for a sick baby, however mild the symptoms, is never fun. You feel bad for your kid, who feels crummy. You feel bad for yourself, because you have to cope with extra whininess, clinginess and drastic departures from the sleeping routine you worked so hard to get in place. You know, that awesome schedule where you get to sleep until 6:00 am. Sigh. High school me, college me, law school me and working in the city me had NO idea how good I had it. Well, maybe college Amber did. Sleep, glorious sleep! Oh, yes, back to sick Natey...

So assuming Nate and I were covered in cooties, we skipped out on our mommy and me class last week, cancelled play dates (well, okay, just one) and tried not to infect our town. I even postponed seeing my good friend and her brand new baby. It's no fun driving a couple of hours to see a newborn only to look at her through the window with your face smooshed against the glass. I have to hold that little girl and smell her little baby head.

Nate had his fifteen month well visit today at the pediatrician's office, where we discovered that we were not dealing with an infectious cold; he was suffering from allergy symptoms. The doctor mentioned a few things that helped determine her diagnosis. I'm not completely sure, but I think she said: Nate's nasal passages were pale, instead of inflamed; he had circles under his eyes (I just thought it was trying to look like mommy); those pink things in the inside corner of each eye was a bit swollen; and, he appeared itchy. I feel like kind of a dumb ass for not noticing that last one. This whole time I've been thinking he was trying to wipe away his boogies. It makes sense that the kid who plays in his own poop filled diapers would not suddenly feel the deep, frequent desire to wipe away his snot. He was just itchy. Poor thing.

Apparently, allergies are just raging around here. The good news is that he can just take over the counter Claritin in liquid or chewable form. The liquid smells like grape gum and I kind of want to eat it. I can't tell if it's working yet, but I'm hopeful it will solve all of our woes pronto. I am very anxious to get him sleeping back in his own bed, through the night. And equally anxious for nap time to return in some meaningful form.

time to go back to your crib, sweet pea!

Anyone else have allergy issues?

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