Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chop, chop: First haircut

A few months ago, Nate's hairstyle was starting to resemble a mullet. I've spent substantial time living in Texas and Upstate New York so I advocated for keeping the party in the back. But Dave insisted, so I trimmed a little off the back and sides to neaten it up. But Nate's hair grows fast and this past weekend we decided it was time for a real first haircut.

The poor guy was miserable. He hates to have his space invaded by strangers. But since he didn't have any crackers to throw at the hairstylist, he cried instead. The fancy jeep seat and the Elmo dvd could not persuade him to relax and enjoy the experience.  At first I was not going to highlight the super flattering picture of me on the bottom left, but you can really see how upset he was in that photo. I felt so bad. In the end he got a great new 'do (and a BOON!) so I think it was worth it.

p.s. Please join me in wishing my mom a very happy birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! xox

What was your baby's first haircut like? And don't forget to enter my Earth Mama Angel Baby giveaway HERE.

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