Monday, November 29, 2010

Driving Master Nathaniel

We drove to my parents house for Thanksgiving. Pre-Nate, it took about 5 to 5 1/2 hours to get there. But with Nate it now takes at least another hour for extra stops and longer mealtimes. I did not prepare well for the car ride. At all. I had a bag full of our favorite books and stuffed animals. A few noise making toys from when he was younger. But five hours of driving is a long time. Especially when your son is a robot and refuses to sleep in the car like a normal child.  Those books and toys just didn't cut it.

I read the books to him, he looked at books by himself. I sang songs. We played music. He got sleepy but refused to nap. He cried. He fussed. He ate crackers. He cried some more. We stopped for meals and let him run around. More books, more songs. More miserable fussing. In desperation, we stopped again to breastfeed. I begged him to fall asleep. Pleaded. Eventually he did. On the way up for fifty minutes. On the way back almost two hours. But since it was preceded by over four hours of misery, it hardly seemed like a victory.

pit stop at a mall food court to stretch our legs

Next time I'll bring crayons. But short of buying a portable DVD player or having an iPhone - what else does one do with a miserable toddler on a car trip? What are your tricks? Tell me, tell me. It would be nice to eventually see my family again!

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