Thursday, November 11, 2010

Letter to my baby: Fifteen months

Dear Natey,

Oh lovebug (I promise to stop calling you that before you reach high school) - the time is going by way too fast. I feel like you just turned one year...and then I turned around - for only a second - and you're already fifteen months old. You're really turning into your own person now. You have opinions and demands and you don't hesitate to share them ("DOWN! DOWN! DOWN!"). Your feisty little temper (best exemplified by consistently throwing food at the strangers who dare to gaze upon His Royal Highness) is balanced out by your generous laughter, sweet hugs and little kisses.

New Stuff
You've added some new words to your vocabulary. Due to my total breakdown on the television rule, we watch an episode of Sesame Street everyday. You now say Bert ("Buht") and Ernie ("Ehhney") quite well. When I ask you who I am, you grin and say, "Maaamaaa." But when you call to me throughout the day and sometimes at night you still call me "Da Da." We're getting there. You call both grandpas "Bubba," even though only one is supposed to have that moniker. Hmmm...a picture of an older, friendly looking dude, must be... "BUBBA!" You can pick out many family members in pictures, but only call one aunt by name. My favorite new word of yours is "Deet," which is what you call yourself. You saw your picture on my cell phone the other day, pointed to it and then pointed to yourself proudly and said "DEET!" That was such a cool moment.

In the car...signing CAR

You're now signing over fifty words. Some new additions include SQUIRREL and THANK YOU.  Honestly, now that you're talking more, I have been slacking. I need to learn some new ASL signs and keep focused on improving that fantastic vocabulary of yours. I recently discovered that you know the difference between gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees (which we sign all the same: by pounding on our chest with both fists) - well, sometimes you mix-up orangutans and chimps. But you never miss a gorilla and you never confuse apes with monkeys, which is better than most adults. That's my boy! One of my favorite things in the world is to watch you sit down with a book, signing to yourself as you turn the pages. If you don't turn out to be an avid reader, I will be absolutely shocked.

Nate reading to himself

Favorite Things
Shockingly you love my singing. It is a voice only a baby could love. I sing you songs and you ask for MORE. A song comes on that you like and you wiggle your shoulders and bend your knees. I love when you dance. You speed around the room looking for non-baby proofed areas to explore...because really you just adore getting into things you shouldn't. The instant I stop you from doing one thing you shouldn't, you are on to the next. You are too quick, you little bugger!

running in the park

You continue to love animals, with gorillas, squirrels, dogs, cats, bears and ducks being at the top of that list. Gorillas = my influence; squirrels =  our dog Ava's influence; bears = must be Daddy's influence. Anything motorized or household appliance-related also continues to amaze you. The highlight of your day is when Daddy irons in the morning. Odd child, you are. Thank goodness you're so cute. Whenever landscapers are working nearby, you demand to watch them from either the window or the front yard. You squeal and laugh and sign "LAWNMOWER" over and over again. You are full of joy. And you bring us so much joy.


I love you more than tongue can tell.

~ Mama

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