Friday, November 5, 2010

Name my friend's baby and win a placenta!

My friends are expecting a baby boy and don't have a name picked out yet. They are awesome people. You know - smart, funny, good looking - all that. The kind of people that sound really impressive on paper. But they're actually even better in person. So they need a kick ass name for their kid. But I don't have any good ideas. So I want your suggestions. What are your favorite boy names? What is the fantastic name you were dying to use but couldn't because, you know, it reminded your husband of the class booger eater in first grade? If my friends choose the name you've suggested for their first born, they have generously agreed to give you the placenta as your prize!

...Okay, they have not agreed to give you the placenta. I made that up. But why do you even want it? What, were you going to eat it or use it in shampoo or something? That's just weird.

this child's name is Nathaniel, so don't suggest that name, as it is already taken

If you come up with any good ideas, I plan to present them to the expecting couple as my own. So then I will win the placenta prize. Oh wait, right, sorry - I made that up.

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