Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our favorite BPA-free on-the-go baby food container: Beaba Babypote

A while ago (actually so long ago, it was before I had told anyone - including Dave - I was keeping a blog), I wrote about the Beaba Babycook and how I should have just gotten it instead of messing around with other inferior baby food making products. I'm absolutely getting it next time. My girlfriend Jamie at The Daily Balance recently received one at her baby shower and I was so envious (although it did afford me the opportunity to caress it longingly when she turned her back). I missed out on the Babycook but it turns out I can still take advantage of a lot of their great products for toddlers.

One of the coolest baby products we've tried in awhile is the Beaba Babypote.  It's a soft silicone non-toxic pouch (bpa, phthalate, pvc-free) that you fill with your homemade compote, yogurt or applesauce. The spout makes it incredibly convenient for both at home and on-the-go eating.  Nate gets a huge kick out of holding it and squeezing it himself.  He's almost 15 months and unfortunately still loves to throw food. Since the food comes out of the Babypote fairly easily, there's a bit of flying applesauce during meals unless I hold onto it. Once we get that behavior under control (I'm hoping before college), it will be a perfect tool for Nate to feed himself otherwise sloppy foods. For now, I will just help him out with it at home.

I put some applesauce in it yesterday and brought it out to lunch as one of my backups in case Nate didn't eat much diner food. He loves bread, loves cheese, but of course wouldn't let a grilled cheese touch his lips - so the Babypote came in very handy. I squeezed the applesauce right from the container onto a spoon (the Beaba spoons are my new favorite - also non-toxic and a perfect fit for Nate's little hands) so it was a convenient and mess free part of the meal.  Of course, I can't say the same thing about the avocado chunks I was giving him.

Beaba Spoon and Fork Multi-pack

How do you handle lunch on the go?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by Beaba for this review. I did receive a complimentary Babypote and spoon & fork set from Scandanavian Child. All opinions are my own. They really are a fantastic company!
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