Monday, November 1, 2010

Stroller accessories

I have a standard Chicco Cortina Travel System, and I'm pretty happy with the stroller. Since Nate is such an awful napper, we have a lot of hours in the days to fill, and we usually take a nice long walk every day. Back when Nate was a worse than awful napper we were strolling for hours every day. Since we spent so much time with the stroller, I needed to jazz it up a bit. So I used my BeDazzler tool to make it totally glam!

Okay, no I didn't. Sadly, I do not own a BeDazzler. But I did buy a few things to make life on the road easier.  I bought a cheap stroller organizer to hang on the back of the stroller to hold my phone, keys, trail mix, etc. I don't remember who makes it, but I'm sure if I had done a bit of research I could have done better. It's fine, but some of the pockets aren't very accessible.

SippyPal - Keep toys, cups, bottles of the ground - BROWNI finally got a SippyPal, which I have been wanting forever. It's a strap that you loop onto the stroller/high chair/car seat at one end and onto the sippy cup on the other end. I've needed it for some time. As the packaging says, "cuz kids throw stuff!" Of course, Nate refused to drink out of his cup with the strap attached, thus foiling my plans. But I won't be deterred. I still have high hopes for that strap. As a bonus, it's BPA, lead and phthalate free.

I've also been wanting to get new drinkwear for myself. I love our Klean Kanteens, but I wanted something a little lighter with a straw for iced coffee. So now that it's chilly out, I finally picked up a Thermos Intak Hydration Bottle, which is perfect. BPA free, of course.

And thanks to Katherine at Mint Lane (warning! yet another plug to enter my giveaway!) I have the most adorable little stroller wallet.
She sent me one of her whimisical little zippered pouches. I have always wanted one like it. They're inexpensive, but for some reason I have never treated myself to one. Butterflies on the outside with a surprise punch of orange on the inside - so cute. It's the perfect container to carry my identification, debit card and library card. She also makes adorable little wristlets, which would probably be even better for a "stroller wallet." I could then take it from the stroller and carry it on my wrist when we stop to hang out at the park.  

So, what fun accessories do you have for your stroller? Did you make it all your own with the addition of a few well placed peacock feathers? Do tell!

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