Friday, December 3, 2010

Modern love

As an adult, I've been drawn to the tall, dark and handsome. But as a child, I apparently had an affinity for the blonde and odd. Which is why my girlhood crushes included David Bowie and Ric Flair. Yes, the Thin White Duke and the wrestler. I can't pretend to understand my nine year old self. But when a love burns as bright as my mine did for Bowie, it can't die completely. So I was tickled when iTunes (set on shuffle) began to play Modern Love and Nate started dancing like a maniac. With a huge grin. Even better? He was doing this:

Dusting the bookshelves! How fantastic is that? It's about time that kid started pulling his own weight and helping with the housework. I think I'll have him do some laundry tomorrow, since he's so obsessed with the washing machine.

How about you? Any strange childhood crushes? Do you have your toddler earning their keep? Do tell.

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