Monday, December 13, 2010

Potty training here we come

When Nate was eleven months old, I joked about potty training him successfully (due to some unusual bath time activity). At sixteen months, it still seems far enough away that I haven't really read anything about toilet training, other than quick blurbs in some baby books. I think they (the blurbs) all focused a lot on the timing. Start too early or too late and they'll never be trained. They'll never date and they'll live in your basement for the rest of their lives. Something like that.

But Nate surprised me today when he told me not once, but twice that he had pooped. He didn't use sign language (hmmm...what is the sign for POOP anyway? I bet I could make up a good one...). He just very casually said "poop, poop, poop." Ah, how my life has changed. Those two moments were definitely the most exciting of the day. The first thing I told my husband when he came home from work. "Guess what, honey!" But seriously, how cool is that? That must be some sort of readiness sign regarding potty training. It definitely beats rolling around the floor playing happily with a load in your pants, anyway. (But enough about me...)

Potty Training (Baby Signs)I'm sure we're still a long way off. But I'm happy for first steps. In the meantime, I need to read up on potty training so that I am prepared when the time comes. Any recommendations? I've also seen ads for baby signing programs geared towards potty training, like Potty Training (Baby Signs). I've been meaning to learn new signs anyway, so I think I'll put some bathroom signs on my to-do list.

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