Tuesday, December 14, 2010

UPDATE: PLAYMOBIL TOYS HAVE BPA!!! Still shopping for Christmas: Playmobil Toys use a safer plastic

12/14/11 UPDATE: I was just informed by a reader (thank you Megan!) that Playmobil toys have tested positive for BPA! http://www.healthystuff.org/departments/childrens-products/product.searchall.php?archive=false&area=Toys&q=playmobil&x=16&y=9


I've discovered that it's more difficult to find non-toxic toys for Nate as he grows older. Part of the problem is that the stores I trust for non-toxic items, like The Soft Landing, tend to have more to offer smaller babies. So I have to do a lot of new research to determine which toys would be good choices, and I just haven't had the time. Another problem is that Nate is opinionated now. He likes big plastic trucks, shiny plastic blocks and fun plastic ride-on toys. I like to find wooden alternatives when I can (Plan Toys has tons of great stuff), but when you're buying more than one toy at a time, that can really become expensive.

Playmobil Push and Pull Train Set

So I was thrilled to read a post from ZRecommends and discover that Playmobil toys are made of ABS plastic and are BPA, pvc and phthalate free. They have tons of cute sets for toddlers, like the Playmobil Push and Pull Train Set we're getting Nate for Christmas. I also love the PLAYMOBIL® 1.2.3 Truck with Garage and the Playmobil 1.2.3 Large Zoo

I've updated my Non-Toxic Toy Guide to include some Playmobil toys. Check it out if, like me, you're still shopping and need inspiration. Most of the 1.2.3 sets are recommended for children ages 18-36 months.

Are you done shopping? What's left on your list?

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