Monday, December 6, 2010

Sugar boogie cookies and other holiday traditions

The best parts of any holiday, as far as I'm concerned, are the family traditions that go along with the day. And now that we have a son, it's even more fun to focus on those traditions. I want to carry on some from the past as well as introduce some new ones unique to our nuclear family.

We celebrate Christmas and we started the festivities this past weekend. We have an ugly little fake tree that we've put up for the past two or three years. I prefer real trees, but we don't need Nate pulling down a big, live tree on top of himself. It's enough work to keep Nate's hands off the little one.
Nate helping me decorate

The tree itself may be ugly (I think it may have a total of seven branches), but I love our ornaments. My favorites include the ornaments my grandmother and great-aunt gave me every year as a child, the beaded ones my great-grandmother (Nana) made by hand and the simple wooden ones my mom painted when I was a baby.  I love seeing the dates on the older ornaments (my first Christmas was 1978) and I want to make sure Nate gets a dated ornament every year. It would be so cool to see them hanging on his own tree one day.

In addition to the beaded ornaments, my Nana made other ornaments as well. My sister and I each have a small mailbox ornament that hangs on our parent's tree. To this day Santa continues to leave very generous gifts inside each of the mailboxes. My sis came up with the great idea to get more mailbox ornaments so that our children can have that tradition as well.  I haven't looked for any yet, but I know she's having trouble finding anything similar. So the hunt is on for some mailboxes!

My mom always makes the most delicious thumbprint cookies around Christmas. I'm so going to miss them this year.  Hmmm...I wonder if they would mail well (hint, hint). I love cookies, so the tradition of making them for Christmas is definitely going to be carried on. To start things off, Nate and I made sugar cookies this weekend. But you know, we're sick with colds. We washed our hands, but I don't thing anyone else should be eating them.  Plus, I'm not going to lie. The cookie cutters were thrown on the floor many, many times. I could only wash those things so many times. That's my excuse anyway - "But I had to eat them all myself! They have cooties."

Nate enjoyed playing with the flour

And rolling out the dough

What are some of your holiday traditions? Oh, and I keep forgetting to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah!

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