Sunday, January 9, 2011

The girl of his dreams

Nate went over to his girlfriend's house last Thursday. And he STILL has not stopped talking about it. Between signing and speaking, he likes to recall the events at her house about five times a day. He is particularly in love with her cats (none at home, I'm allergic) and her toys (like her awesome vacuum).

Did not get the cleaning gene from either parent

Not once, not twice, but THREE times he has woken up from nap/sleep calling her name. I like to believe that he was dreaming of her. The conversations typically go like this:  
Nate:    Opens his eyes.  "Joju!" (what he calls her)
Me:       "Josie?"
Nate:     nods yes, then signs VACUUM 
Me:       "You vacuumed at Josie's house?
Nate:     nods yes, whispers "gat" (cat)
What do your kids dream about?

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