Sunday, January 23, 2011

Male bonding

I've never been much of a sports fan. Lucky for Nate, his daddy more than makes up for his mama's lack of enthusiasm. I already see how following - and loving- a team is impacting my peanut. To say my husband is a huge Jets fan is an understatement.

See that cake? That was our wedding cake. Not groom's cake. Wedding cake!

So at seventeen months, Nate recognizes the Jets logo anywhere (on old tickets, balloons in the grocery store, clothes), associates it with Daddy and gets excited. He sees football on television and yells "JET!" He wants to cheer like Daddy, wear Jets gear like Daddy, head butt Daddy in honor of the Jets. It's adorable.  I see very good things in their future.

Is your little one a sports fan?

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