Thursday, January 6, 2011

My favorite sound... and baby sign of the week: MEAT

You know how people have different levels of laughter? Well Nate's level 10 is probably my favorite sound in the world. Nate started saying the word "dirty" yesterday and found it hi-lar-ious. I missed the shot of the level 10 laughter, but there are still some great giggles in this video:

And, in an exciting twist, Nate seems to have decided to forgo his strict vegetarian diet. Out of nowhere he is chowing down on turkey bologna (uncured) and chicken. If this continues, it will definitely make my life a bit easier, since he can eat even more of what we eat. Yay.

We use the sign for MEAT to cover all beef, poultry and pork. There hasn't been a reason to distinguish, and honestly I kind of don't want him to know that the meat we are eating used to look like his beloved farm animals. Moooo! At the very end of the video Nate signs both MEAT and PLEASE. Here are the ASL signs for MEAT and PLEASE.

What odd things do your kids find hilarious?

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