Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Seventeen months old! A letter to Nate from Mama.

Dear Nathaniel,

There have been so many fun new developments, where to begin? I really need to make lists ahead of time, before attempting to encapsulate the previous month. I'm bound to forget so many things. Oh, well... off the top of my head:

My favorite things:
  • You help me grocery shop. I ask you what we should get at the store and you tell me. It's usually produce - apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, peas. And you also like to request pancakes. I appreciate your input.
  • You like to play funny mind games. Lately, when I ask you what you want to eat you always answer dog. I tell you that you're disgusting and you can't have dog. Then you laugh. You've recently started to request other funny things to eat as well. Elmo, for instance. The hard part comes when you jokingly request cow and pig while laughing, fully expecting me to tell you to stop requesting such ridiculous items.
  • Your vocabulary. It's expanding like crazy. Every day you add a new word or two to your speaking vocab. I wouldn't be surprised if you had doubled the amount of words you speak in the last month. Almost anything we ask you to attempt to say, you try (except Ava!) - and often it becomes a part of your everyday word bank. One of my favorite new words is "help." It kind of sounds like "up" when you say it, but since you sign it at the same time, I know what you mean. It's adorable.
  • Your love of music and your attention to detail. You request certain songs and cds ("beef" means Black Eyed's a long story) and you listen very carefully to the lyrics. You pick out words you know and repeat them or sign them. It looks like I'm going to have to put all of my death metal and gangsta rap away.
  • When I ask you a question, as in, "would you like X?" and your answer is a YES! your new thing is to go "OOOOH!" like I have just given you the best opportunity in the entire world. If your answer is more of a "yes" than you simple say "kay" as in okay.
Your favorite things:
  • The letter Q. You adore it. When asked what any letter of the alphabet is (other than maybe X or A) it is always resoundingly and enthusiastically a "Q!"
  • The number two. When asked "how many" of something we should get or "how many" of something we have, the answer is always two. When we went grocery shopping last week and I asked you how many apples we should get (which you requested), you said two so I went with it. Maybe you get the love of two from me, as I love humor involving the number two.
  • Sprouting teeth. I think in the last month, maybe two, you have cut SIX teeth. Four molars and two canines. You poor thing. You are also fantastic at evading the toothbrush. If this keeps up, we may have to move to the UK.
  • Your zoo, which you pronounce "shzoo." You enjoy setting it up, feeding the animals, placing the people - or men, pronounced "maah"- and then cleaning it up and putting it back into the basket. Occasionally, you will play with the zoo by yourself in your pack and play, which allows me a few minutes to myself to crochet or pen some poetry (just kidding, hopefully you know me better than that).

I love you more than tongue can tell.
~ Mama

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