Monday, January 31, 2011


Once upon a time there was a mother with cabin fever. She was desperate to come up with a fun outdoor activity for her toddler. She went out and purchased an overpriced a special sled so that she and her husband could give the toddler rides in the snow. She knew her snow loving baby would be thrilled.

Although it was a quite a production to bundle the toddler up (two shirts, two pair of socks, pants, snow pants, coat, hat, gloves, boots) and get him to the park, the look of utter joy on his face was all the thanks she needed. As a bonus, the sled was incredibly easy to maneuver through the snow.

When the family was about to explode from all the fun (literally crying tears!), they decided to end the day with some ice cream. Although the toddler had no idea what ice cream was or what to do with it, he settled on the right course of action - stirring it with the tiny plastic spoon (but refusing to put it in his mouth), placing spoonfuls on his snow pants and flinging bits of it around the ice cream parlor. Again, the pure joy on the toddler's face while he ate biscotti (anything resembling a cookie is permitting entrance into the mouth) made it clear to the mother that all of the effort was well worth it. The end.

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