Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby sign of the week: YOGURT

Nate's a big yogurt fan, so I wanted to incorporate the sign into our conversations. When I looked for the official ASL sign for yogurt months ago, I couldn't find one anywhere, so I had to make one up. I've mentioned made-up, or home signs, before (see here, here or here.)

Home signs are just as helpful in communicating with your child (and vocab boosting) as ASL signs...you just have to remember that the sign you create may be an ASL sign meaning something else entirely. In fact, I learned that I created a home sign for an animal that turned out to be one of the most offensive words on the planet. Yay me! Of course I would do that. Luckily Nate and I haven't been beaten up over our sign language use, so hopefully our luck will hold.

Nate doesn't really feel like performing for the camera in the video above. The sign I made up for yogurt is making a "Y" sign with your dominant hand (extend pinkie and thumb while folding over middle fingers - like "hang ten dude") and put the thumb to your mouth. This probably means something horrible too, so please accept my apology if I have deeply offended your Norwegian grandmother.

For anyone interested in beginning sign language with their baby - I want to put together another post about starting sign language with your baby. But until I do, you can check out my first baby sign 101 post here or check out my page on baby sign here (which I really need to update).

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